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ABOX system Polska sp. z o. o.

ul. Poprzeczna 17 05-083 Wierzbin

VAT-EU: PL5222927668

email: contact@aboxsystem.com

tel. (+48) 660507331

About us


ABOX is a second-generation company founded in Spain by a Polish entrepreneur in the 1980s, specializing in car wash production. The dynamic growth of the company has given us extensive international experience, including markets in Spain, Portugal, and Poland, with manufacturing facilities in both Spain and Poland. Since its inception, over 500 ABOX car washes have been established on the Iberian Peninsula, and over 200 in Poland.

ABOX in Poland has its headquarters in Warsaw and has been present in the Polish market since 2009. In 2011, we expanded with a production plant in Warsaw to meet the growing demand for our product in the country. Our new headquarters in Wierzbin was built in 2017 to increase our production capabilities.


A Company Friendly to Employees, Investors, and the Environment

Our approach to employees, investors, and the natural environment is a hallmark of ABOX. We value our employees, recognizing their long and stable tenure with our company. It is their experience, knowledge, and dedication that create a unique atmosphere within the company. Our success is based on long-term cooperation with investors, leading them to embark on further ventures with ABOX, and our investors' success is our success. We continuously uphold the company's good reputation and value the positive opinions of our customers. We believe this is essential for further growth and securing new contracts. We take pride in ABOX being an environmentally friendly company, utilizing various technological solutions to support environmental protection without compromising wash quality, including water and energy conservation.


ABOX Technology

ABOX's greatest strengths lie in our proprietary technology and in-house car wash production facilities, allowing us to maintain quality control, enhance solutions, drive innovation, and achieve rapid development. This enables us to plan future expansion into other European countries and proudly showcase our products at international trade fairs in the years to come.