High performance self service Carwash

Washing programmes

High pressure hydraulic system made of stainless steel AISI316L

The high pressure system made of stainless steel AISI316L is installed in a synthetic rubber lagging which ensures the longest lifetime of the part of the system most exposed to weather conditions.

The insulation reduces the risk of the pipes freezing in winter to a minimum.

Cash, PayPass cards or simply a loyalty card system? Whatever you choose!

Don’t put limits on your business, offer your customers the possibility to choose a convenient form of payment. It is only up to you in what form you receive payment for the service you offer.

On-line access

With the apps we offer, you can check the status of your car wash at any time, wherever you are. If you have access to the internet, you have an overview of your business!

Superior water quality 24/7

Our system is designed to guarantee the highest water quality at all times (no hard water in the system). Ensuring the highest quality of cleaning is our priority!

Ecology is economy!

We place great emphasis on saving both electricity and water. Our car washes do not waste a drop during water treatment and water heating is adapted to the current needs of the car wash.

More details

  • The ABOX touchless container washing system is an extremely efficient, cost-effective and reliable washing system. All components used come from renowned manufacturers such as Siemens, CAT Pumps, Danfoss, Grundfos, Schneider Electric etc. A set of tanks with a total capacity of up to 4000 litres, which is unique on the market, ensures uninterrupted supply of treated water, which completely eliminates the problem of unsatisfactory quality of the cleaning service provided in the event of a decrease in network pressure.
  • The ABOX technology is housed in a container made from 60 mm thick polyurethane sandwich panels. This provides incomparably better protection for the expensive components inside than the standard EPS containers offered by competitors. Additional safety for the equipment is guaranteed by steel jacketed doors.

Strengths of the technology

Water softening system

The system is equipped with high capacity tanks which provide big buffer. An unprecedented capacity to ensure constant water quality. The tanks are responsible for storing softened water, membrane reject water and demineralised water.


ABOX COMFORT washes are the only installations on the market with an industrial water dechlorination system, equipped with a 70-litre bottle and the FLECK 5600 controller, which protects the expensive membranes of the osmosis system, thus extending their life several times while increasing the quality of cleaning.


The system is controlled by PANASONIC automatic machines. It is an extremely reliable solution designed for long-term operation. The system is equipped with Ethernet connections which, using a WiFi router, allow you to set the car wash parameters using your phone or tablet. Each station is separately protected, with its own differential circuit breaker, safety switch, OMRON DC power supply and transformer. The car wash lighting has also been separately protected, so that the operation of the lighting does not affect the operation of the car wash.

Reverse osmosis system

We use 100% water in the production of osmotic water, thus not generating any form of loss. The ABOX solution, which is unique on the market, makes the investment not only much more profitable but also incomparably more ecological. Moreover, huge tanks guarantee the possibility of continuous production of treated water, thanks to which the quality of service always remains at the same, highest level, regardless of the intensity of traffic at the car wash. We did our best to make long queues of cars waiting for a car wash a source of satisfaction for our investors and not a problem that keeps them awake at night.

Dosing of chemicals

Each station is equipped with an independent micropowder dispenser, which includes an independent auger and a stainless steel mixer. This is a great asset as it ensures accurate, constant dosing and thus reliability of the entire car wash.
Dosing of liquid chemicals (e.g. wax) is performed by means of precise, regulated dosing devices. Due to the fact that the water flow during each programme is constant, this is the best, most accurate and most reliable solution in comparison with other dosing systems.

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