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Electrical box

Electrical Box : The core of our system features a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) within an electrical box. The PLC automates processes for precise equipment control and efficient operation. High performance and precision thanks to the technology of Panasonic and Siemens.

Safety and reliability are paramount in our electrical installations. We use high-quality equipment from reputable brands such as Schneider Electric, Eaton, and OBO-Bettermann. Electrical protection is provided independently for each station, ensuring the safety of both users and the system.


Our power supply and transformer are also designed to be independent for each station, enhancing system reliability. Our distribution panel is modular and complies with safety standards to prevent accidental contact with wires, ensuring smooth and secure electrical operations.

At our touchless car wash facilities, we are committed to providing the best customer experience through state-of-the-art automation and electrical systems. With real-time monitoring, remote control, and owner customization options, we offer a level of convenience and efficiency that sets us apart in the car wash industry.

Owners have full control over the car wash settings and operations. Some of the customizable options include:

    Reader Management: Enable or disable the coin and bank card readers as needed.

    Station Control: Start or stop individual stations as required.

    Program Configuration: Enable or disable specific wash programs and set the desired wash duration.

    Earnings Tracking: Verify and record the earnings from the car wash accurately.

    Credit Management: Add credit for customer use and track its utilization.

    Service Mode: Access a service mode for maintenance and troubleshooting.

    Equipment Activation: Start various car wash equipment, including pumps and solenoid valves.

    Promotion Setup: Configure promotional offers to attract more customers.

Data Integration with External Systems

Our system offers seamless integration capabilities with external systems through a Webservice using the JSON format. This ensures that your car wash operations can be part of a larger ecosystem, allowing for data sharing and coordination with other services or platforms

Easy management and Settings

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At our touchless car wash, we offer a comprehensive selection of washing programs to address all your vehicle cleaning requirements. Our advanced facility ensures that every aspect of your vehicle receives the care it needs. Here is a list of our extensive washing programs:

  • Wheel Rinse: We begin by thoroughly cleaning and rinsing your vehicle's wheels to remove brake dust and road grime, leaving them impeccably clean and shining.

  • Active Foam: Our active foam application generates a rich lather that effectively breaks down dirt and contaminants, ensuring a thorough and deep cleaning.

  • Brush: For situations demanding a more intensive approach, our brush program utilizes soft, gentle brushes to eliminate stubborn dirt and stains.

  • Main Wash: Our main wash program is the core of our car wash, providing a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning process that leaves your vehicle looking flawless.

  • Rinse: We follow up with a thorough rinse to guarantee the complete removal of soap and dirt, leaving your vehicle spotless.

  • Wax: Our wax program applies a protective wax coating to your vehicle's surface, enhancing its shine and offering long-lasting protection against the elements.

  • Polish: Our polishing program is designed to bring out the ultimate shine in your vehicle's paint, leaving it looking showroom-ready.

  • Drying: We conclude the process with a powerful drying program, ensuring that your vehicle exits our facility completely dry and free of streaks.

  A Complete Range of Washing Programs

Self-Service Carwash


Key Components of Our Self-Service Car Wash Solutions:

  • High-Pressure System Rack: Our machinery includes a high-pressure system rack equipped with high-pressure pumps to ensure effective vehicle cleaning.

  • Electrical Protections and Power Supplies: Comprehensive electrical protection mechanisms are integrated to ensure equipment safety and reliability. Each component has its dedicated power supply to minimize downtime in case of issues.

  • Water Treatment System (if necessary): Depending on water quality and location, our solutions can include a water treatment system. This prevents mineral deposit buildup, ensuring a steady supply of clean water for equipment performance.

  • Antifreezing System (if necessary): In cold climates, our systems can be equipped with an antifreezing system. It includes a pump to prevent freezing by maintaining water flow, alongside a thermostat and valves for equipment protection.